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Protéine de pois chiche

État de disponibilité:
Latin name:
Cicer arietinum Linn.
• 80% Protein
Part Used:
• The seeds ofCicer arietinum Linn.
• cGMP, ISO22000, HACCP, FSSC22000, Kosher, Halal

1. Description of Chickpea Flour Protein

Chickpea Protein is extracted from the seeds of Cicer arietinum Linn. It is free flowing powder with characteristic odor and taste. Widely used in food, health care products, dietary supplements fields. Chickpea protein powder is light yellow powder, stable, and can be mixed with flour and added to food, which can improve the nutritional value of food without destroying its flavor and physical structure.

Chickpeas are widely grown in the Mediterranean, Asia, Africa, America and other places. It is cultivated in Gansu, Qinghai, Xinjiang, Shaanxi, Inner Mongolia and other provinces of China. Chickpeas are one of the important foods in India and Pakistan. It is also very common to eat chickpeas in Europe. Chickpeas are rich in nutrients, high in protein, rich in unsaturated fatty acids, cellulose, calcium, zinc, potassium, Vitamin B and other nutrients beneficial to human health. Chickpeas are higher in dietary fiber than other legumes. In addition to being eaten directly, chickpea flour can also be used as a nutritional fortifier in conjunction with other food materials to prepare nutritional supplements. At the same time, chickpea powder has a chestnut flavor and is easy to absorb and digest. It can be added to the nutritional food of infants and the elderly. Now there are chickpea powder, fermented milk, protein drinks, etc.; chickpea can also be mixed with lactic acid bacteria Fermented, rich in nutrition and good in taste, it is deeply loved by consumers.

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